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    Transparent Backflow Services is a plumbing company that specializes in backflow prevention. We are committed to keeping the water in our community clean. We focus on backflow testing, repairs, installations, and surveys. This allows us to provide a thorough service and exceptional value, as we are both knowledgeable and efficient with backflow prevention. We frequently communicate with municipal backflow officials to set up inspections, submit reports, and discuss various issues. These relationships keep us up-to-date on the newest regulations. Our main goal is to provide a quality, streamlined service, that keeps your municipality happy, you satisfied, and our water clean.





    Testing tells us if your backflow is operating correctly, so make sure it is tested when installed, annually and after all repairs.



    Repairs are always completed quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about anything.



    All installations are well thought out, so your backflow device will perform as intended well into the future.



    With so many surveys under our belt, we can confidently inspect any property and locate all hazards that need to be corrected.

    Why Choose Transparent Backflow?

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    • Over 15 years of plumbing experience working in many settings, such as factories, hospitals, medical offices, long term care homes, restaurants, golf courses, high rise buildings, and educational institutions to name a few
    • Knowledgeable of the various hazards that can ultimately contaminate the potable water system
    • Reliable, professional, friendly service
    • Competitive fees
    • No surprise charges on your invoice
    • Flexible Scheduling
    • Required paperwork submitted to your local municipality on your behalf
    • Licenced Plumber and member of Ontario College of Trades
    • Certified Cross Connection Control Specialist with Ontario Water Works Association
    • Fully insured
    • Current criminal record check
    • WSIB Clearance

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is potable water?

    Water that is safe for human consumption.

    What is a backflow preventer?

    A device or method that prevents backflow.

    How often do I need to have my backflow preventer tested?

    A testable backflow preventer is required by law to be tested yearly by a certified technician.

    What is a backflow survey?

    A backflow survey is an inspection of a building to locate any new potential backflow hazards. Surveys are required by law to be completed every 3-5 years, depending on the municipality, by a licensed technician.

    Do I need a permit from the city?

    Permits are only required when you install additional devices or replace a device that is not identical to the one being removed. Examples of this include a device being replaced by a different type or size, or a device that has changed location or is used for a different purpose.

    How long does it take to test a backflow device?

    A backflow test typically takes 30 minutes to complete.

    What if a backflow fails testing?

    If a backflow fails testing it must be repaired or replaced, then retested to ensure it is working correctly.

    Is there a fine for not completing yearly backflow testing or surveys?

    Yes, there are fines for non compliance of the by-laws. Warnings are usually issued first for minor offences, but continued non compliance can lead to fines up to $100 000 per day for repeat offenders.

    Why do I need to have my backflow preventer tested yearly?

    Yearly testing is required to ensure a backflow preventer is functioning properly. If not maintained, devices can fail and jeopardize the quality of the water supply.

    Will installing a backflow preventer reduce my water pressure?

    Yes, installing a backflow preventer will decrease the water pressure downstream of the device. Pressure drop will vary depending on the type of device that is installed.

    Backflow Incidents


    Failed Backflow Preventer Serving Chemical Injection System

    In 1997, the City of Guelph had chemicals from a petroleum plant enter the City water mains. This occurred when the backflow preventer that was serving a chemical injection system failed and the contaminants entered the City’s potable water system. The northern half of the community was advised via the radio to not drink the water until the water mains were flushed and the water was deemed safe for consumption.


    Anti-Freeze Siphoned Into The Potable Water System

    On July 4, 1986, the City of Winnipeg’s backflow office was asked to investigate a cross connection at a high rise apartment block. It was discovered that a check valve protecting 3 heating boilers had failed. The booster pump, which raises water pressure in order to reach the upper floors, that feeds the building was found to be fluctuating pressures. When the water pressure dropped, anti freeze from the boilers was siphoned into the potable water system throughout the building. It’s unknown if any of the occupants of the building consumed any anti-freeze.


    Cleaning Agent From Car Wash Siphoned Into The Potable Water System

    In March 2005, the cleaning agent from a car wash in the City of Stratford entered into the potable water supply, causing water contamination. The car wash had a backflow prevention device, however they had illegally installed a bypass around the backflow preventer. When the valve on the bypass was left open, it allowed the release of 2- butoxy-ethanol detergent into the public water distribution system. It affected approximately 30,000 people and 19 sought medical attention. The affected area was without water for 3 – 7 days. The owners of the car wash were fined $75,000 by the Ministry of the Environment in 2006.

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